Partnership between Rocket Baguette and Golden Dust Cup

Asociación entre Rocket Baguette y Golden Dust Cup
15 julio, 2019
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19 julio, 2019
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Partnership between Rocket Baguette and Golden Dust Cup

Rocket Baguette and Golden Dust Cup, the two main Rocket League tournament organizers of France and Spain, are pleased to announce an unprecedented partnership to lay the foundations of an European Rocket League Circuit.

After months of preparation, RB and GDC have managed to set everything up for the best teams of their countries to compete together in a long awaited European Circuit. While additional partners from other European countries are expected to join the circuit in the future and make the competition bigger and better, the first season is set to begin in September.

This small step is born from the desire of both organizations to provide a quality competitive frame to the best players from each territory leading to a continental competition, in accordance with the European cultural legacy of sports, with the ambition of replicating the European Football model.

More information about the circuit will be published soon, follow Rocket Baguette and Golden Dust Cup on Social Media in order not to miss it.

Watch the Video Trailer:

About Rocket Baguette

Rocket Baguette is a 100% Rocket League Esports dedicated French Broadcaster & Media and European Tournament Organizer. Rocket Baguette is providing French live coverage for many major Rocket League events (ELEAGUE, DreamHack, WSOE, NARLI...). Since early 2018, it is operating the Rocket Baguette Rising Stars, the largest community league in Rocket League esports, while also organizing tournaments on behalf of Psyonix (The Play, Renegade Cup).

About Golden Dust Cup

Golden Dust Cup is a 100% Rocket League Esports European Tournament Organizer. Since 2016 it is hosting online and LAN tournaments for the Spanish and EU RL communities with the best players of the scene, with more than 3 years of experience, more than 10 successful tournaments with a deep list of sponsors and partners, GDC have converted in one of the most important Rocket League tournament organization in Spain and Europe.

By Ness_cjr